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The Company
  • Presentation

    Established in 1971 in Geneva, Modulancy S.A., a family company, specializes in the field of construction, in particularly in gypsage-plaster work, painting and decoration.


    • The company Modulancy S.A. was established by Mr. Léon Monico in January of 1971 in Geneva, Switzerland. Small family business, Modulancy S.A. employed as much as 60 people in 1977 during the great construction development in Geneva.

      Today, after facing more than twenty years of the largest real estate crisis it has witnessed, the company still delivers high quality mandates. It has kept its small structure dedicated to efficiency.
    • It was in this spirit that the company Modulancy S.A. decided to formalise its management by submitting a request to ISO. The company has then been successfully certified ISO 9001-2000 March 25th 2003, March 25th 2005 and March 25th 2008.

      Mr. Pierre-Yves Monico, son of the founding shareholder, after having helped M. Léon Monico for more than 15 years, has taken over the directions of the company.
    • From its foundation until the mid-eighties, the bulk of the mandates received in plaster-work and painting concerned new buildings. Since then, a reconversion was carried out and currently most of the work done concerns renovations and transformations.

      Modulancy S.A. stays above all, a family owned company with an ethic oriented towards high qualifications when it comes to choosing collaborators.

  • Ethic

    Modulancy S.A. has developed an internal ethic code, summarised here in 9 points:

    • Respect of the environment & of sustainable development by using a maximum of water based products of ecological norms as well as systematic recycling.
    • Privileged loyalty with our partners in order to create a reliable, interdependent and efficient network of professionels of the construction industry. We also try to benefit companies established in Geneva.
    • Our employees have received necessary instruction & material to ensure maximal efficiency in these two priority areas in order to avoid any accidents.
    • Specialist of detail work, the company is famous for its careful work always fulfilling the requirements of the client for a quality result Swiss standards.
    • Strong & unique, the identity of Modulancy S.A., within the Geneva construction industry, enabled us to assert precise values as well as the respect of our partners.
    • The company follows a policy aimed towards longevity. The decisions are made with an aim of stable growth excluding any speculative opportunism.

    • Creative because opened to new ideas & technologies which make it possible for the company to approach the future while keeping its solid foundations acquired over the years.
    • Culmination of years of efforts in the spirit of a strong ethic, the decision to be certified ISO 9001-2000 was the occasion to officialise all the informal rules used until now.
    • Total confidentiality towards our interlocutors. All critical information placed at our disposal is kept in sure place, filed then destroyed.
  • Partners

    Modulancy S.A. is affiliated to the following companies:

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